Wednesday, 5 August 2015

No longer a Waga Virgin!!!!!

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We decided to have a little family celebration meal, Zak wanted to celebrate achieving level 3 in his year 2 SATS and why not I am super proud of my MR smarty pants. Plus we needed to celebrate me graduating with a 2:1 (how did that happen?).

On Saturday evening we took a trip to Wagamama, Leeds. How have I never experienced this before?  ....I really do need to get out more.

I was a little worried there may not be a largest enough option on the menu for me due to my halal requirements, my options tend to be fish, fish and more fish!!!!

Good job I am a huge fan but it does get a little bit boring, a quick google search and the whole menu is available online, a pretty impressive Wagamama website.

We started with the Lollipop Prawn Kushiyaki and Chilli Squid, there was three of us (2 adults, 1 child) the prawns were not really made for sharing, there was three king prawns on three mini skewers enough for one each but I could have quite happily got through all three alone. They were super tasty, the squid however was perfect for sharing and the dipping sauce was a sweet chilli and left you wanting more. These were a hit with Zak a really good option and I noticed they were a hit on most tables with the little ones. He was very impressed with the fact that he had tried his first SQUID!!!

There was a great range of options on the children's menu Zak had the Mini Grilled Fish Noodles his plate was practically licked clean and the free Cococino drink was something different, a shot of warm milk with chocolate powder sprinkled on top was a nice treat. Along with the puzzle booklet and crayons provided to keep him entertained.

I opted for the Seafood broth off the chef's specials it was amazing I would highly recommend it if it is an option on your next visit. My mum had the Chilli Beef Ramen it looked really good I was a little jealous but did enjoy my broth. I think the photos speak for themselves.....

Seafood Broth
Chilli Beef Ramen

I did manage to get through the full bowl, I was feeling rather full but not to the point where I could not manage dessert. It would be rude not to!! Zak had a scoop of ice cream with chocolate sauce, mum had a selection of four mini cakes and I had the Banana Katsu which was delicious, warm banana in breadcrumbs with a salted caramel ice cream. I did manage to eat most of it but could not manage it all. Plus I had a green tea which is FREE off the drinks cool is that I LOVE a freebie (don't we all).

Overall I was very impressed with my first Wagamama experience, loved how the kids are so well catered for and the customer service was excellent we was more than happy to leave a generous tip. It was all reasonably priced with a few freebies on the menu, our bill was just over £30 can't remember the exact amount so worked out around £10 each including all our drinks which is not bad when you're in the centre of Leeds.

I will definitely be returning in the very near future..
Green Tea

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