Sunday, 9 August 2015

Quick Catch Up....

Busy Busy Busy

We have had such a busy active, It is Sunday morning and I am absolutely warn out.

Monday we took a trip to Stockled Park in Wetherby. There was some great outdoor adventure to be had.

Tuesday we had a play date , we visited a  local park and then took a trip to Heaton Woods (Bradford ) for some bear hunting and stream walking.

They absolutely loved walking through the stream, we had a few trips and wellies full of water but it was all part of the adventure. Unfortunately we did not manage to find any bears.

Wednesday we took a trip to Roundhay in Leeds. We visited Tropical World and Roundhay Park.

It was such a lovely sunny day, just wish I had took a picnic and we could have spent all afternoon in the park. I had the most amazing choc dip ice cream from the ice cream van. At £2.00 it was worth every penny. 

We did plan a trip out on Thursday but I really did not have the energy to even get dressed!!! It was a PJ day instead , Zak was not too impressed so we agreed to do some baking. He decided on choc chip cookies with a twis

Not too bad for a first attempt, they did taste better than they looked.

Friday we went into Leeds met my mum for lunch and had a walk on the canal.

Saturday turned out to be another lovely sunny day. At the last minute we decided to take a trip to the seaside, Bridlington here we come!!!!
It took us an extra to get there due to road works and traffic but the views along the A64 made the journey more bare able.

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