Saturday, 1 August 2015

What Customer Service!!!

What has happened to CUSTOMER SERVICE???

I am the customer, you are providing me with a least act as though you appreciate my custom.

I have over five years experience of working in retail and customer service, I worked in River Island for nearly 4 years, Asda 12 months and filled various customer service roles in a family run hotel. I have to say I received some first class training for my roles.....the customer comes first, no talking with colleagues on the shop floor, greet customers, go out of your way to help them etc, etc. You know the basics you expect when you are shopping.

I have been there I know working in retail is not the easiest of jobs, been pleasant and helpful when you're having a bad day or hung over on a Sunday morning (why are people out shopping?) hanging out your arse and just wanting to be at home in bed curled up in a ball watching the Hollyoaks and Eastenders omnibus', but it's your job and you just have to grin and bare it... so 'Smile and wave smile and wave!!!!'.

I've done it and I expect the same back as a customer.

I will admit I am really anal when it comes to customer service...I'm not the easiest person to go shopping with,  I pull store assistants up on poor customer service all the time. I am in no way saying everyone is the same and I have received some excellent customer service but these are just a few of my own personal experiences that I am getting off my chest.....

  • First my absolute pet hate when been served is the cashier chewing gum.. Are you kidding me it is so rude and looks so unprofessional. I have on occasions mentioned it at the time.

  • Been called 'love' or 'darling' or some other inappropriate way of addressing me. "Do I Know You?" NOOOOO we are not childhood friends or long lost neighbours. You do not need to give me a pet name, it's embarrassing and makes me feel uncomfortable. Is this just a Yorkshire thing? I'm not too sure....

  •  How many times have you been stood waiting to be served while the staff are having their weekly gossip, 'Hello' I'm waiting, I do have other things I could be doing' Like spending my money else where. This is so rude, you should not be talking amongst yourselves, keep the customers happy.

  • Please can you apologise for keeping me waiting. It's the polite thing to do.

  • It's always nice to see a welcoming smile and to be greeted with a warm welcome. As customers we appreciate this.

  • There are customers waiting to be served...why are closing the checkout??? Make sure there is somebody else to fill your spot before you do!!! I have to admit this is generally down to poor management.

I visited a Max Speilmann store last week to have some passport photos taken , the cashier was in the back looked like she was doing some printing she acknowledged me said "I wont be a minute love" so fine I had caught her in the middle of doing something. Then the phone rang she answered it and proceeded to place a store order (are you kidding me 10x large, no we need some more of those ones) this call lasted about 10 minutes. I stood and waited patiently she took my pictures which turned out terrible I might add (mum told me I look dead around the eyes). I waited at the machine she said they will pop out in a couple of minutes, I started to make small talk about the type of photo shoots they offered in store. The phone rang again she answered the phone and had what sounded like a very personal call she told the person on the other end no I'm not busy you're ok (don't mind me love!!!) and continued to serve me whilst on the phone. OMG!!!!!!!

Is it just me or was there something just rude and unprofessional about my experience???

If I hadn't had Zak with me I would have blown. But he hates it when I start and gets all embarrassed.

I was recently in Next it wasn't overly busy in store I was maybe the third or fourth person waiting to be served there was one cashier serving a lady with online returns and two other members of staff stood behind the cash desk having a chat. It may have been work related (looked overly flirty to me) but either way serve your customers first. 
Next is not going to go into meltdown because you can't find a box of trouser hangers or whatever store drama you're having!!!!

My final rant....this was at least 6 months ago. But still has to be my worst experience to date.

 I was in an Asda Living (I've worked in Asda I Know the drill with customer service) it was busy probably a Saturday I hate shopping on a Saturday. I'm waiting to pay wasn't really paying much attention there was a lady waiting in front of me, so I'm not next I'm paying absolutely no attention to the checkouts its not my turn!!!! The lady in front turns to me and says she is waiting for somebody so I can go ahead. I walk up to the checkout and there is somebody stood been served at the next checkout. My cashier turns to her colleague and the person been served and says they think were here for goodness of our health I shouted next about three times....(don't think it has quite sunk in yet they're  talking about me). She continued to have a conversation about how rude customers are ...... and she was chewing gum. That was it I told her I was not purposely ignoring her there was somebody in front of me I did not realise she was waiting.... and if you want to talk about been rude your customer service is shocking how dare you talk about me as if I'm not stood here... you should not be talking to colleagues whilst serving me.... and your chewing gum....I was so mad but I kept it together for Zak's sake. Once she passed me my receipt I told her I shouldn't really say but I would make an exception just for her!!! That I was a mystery shopper and she was the worst example of customer service I had ever experienced!!!!
She looked like she wanted the ground the swallow her up.

I mean how rude and once again unprofessional!!!!!!

These are just a few of my more recent experiences.

Maybe I am just really anal when it comes to customer service and I should just put up and shut up, but why should I?

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