Friday, 24 July 2015



I have decided to clear out my wardrobe, since moving back into the family home my wardrobe space is soooo limited. I don't ever remember having next to nothing in relation to my clothing depressing!! Not just my space either the boys wardrobe is tiny and my obsession with keeping him stocked in excessive amounts of jeans and t-shirts is not helping the situation.

I have already taken an excessive amount of clothing and shoes to the local charity shop and a few bags have gone in the local clothing bin. I have found many items though which seem in too good a condition to donate just yet (having barely been worn).

So having finally got my act together I have began posting items on Depop, although I haven't successfully managed to sell an item as of yet. I'm finding the whole process rather addictive, it has to be one of if not the simplest selling sites at the moment. The app is easy to navigate, uploading items is easy and simple and the percentage paid in selling fees is more than reasonable. Plus an instant link to your paypal account for the added sellers security.

So far I have managed to upload several of both mine and the boys items, I have so much more to upload shoes, dresses and bundles of boys t shirts.

I can be found Tan Sez..........Oh and one last point pick your user name wisely because unfortunately it can not be CHANGED once added.


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