Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Circus Sunday

Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!

I know for most Monday is the worst day of the week but for me it has to be Sunday.

I hate, hate, hate, Sunday's with a passion. I find myself running around doing all the jobs I've put off through the week and the ones I was saving for Saturday, are generally pushed over to Sunday. I hate the mad rush to get the school uniform washed, dried and ironed ready for Monday morning. I am always too unorganised to think about doing it Saturday or even Friday night.

Sunday mornings generally start with a mad rush to get Zak to his swimming lesson on time, we always get up late and he moves at snail pace, but this is nothing new he moves at snail pace every day of the week, he's definitely not a morning person. Swimming takes us up to lunchtime then home to prepare lunch and the dreaded two hours of I HATE DOING HOMEWORK, the tantrums last throughout the whole homework process. This will definitely need a full post in the future I hate the homework process as much as he does.

This Sunday however was different no swimming.....no homework...no uniforms....no preparation for the week ahead....RESULT!!!!!

I decided we should turn this Sunday into a fun day, there was no rush to eat breakfast so we sat and had what Zak calls a Big Breakfast....veggie fingers.....veggie sausage....hash browns...beans...and a fried egg!!! He wanted to add potato waffles and fish fingers but I had to draw the line at the last two, I know he says big breakfast but I wasn't signing him up for 'Zak vs Food' even though he tackles every plate of food as a personal foodie challenge.

We decided to would be a trip to the circus. Planet Circus was in town, after a quick Google search I discovered it was there final day!!! So our next task was to get showered, dressed and out the door by 12:20pm...IMPOSSIBLE with the snail pace. 

In the car by 12:40pm the bleeding petrol light is flashing and I need a cash machine. Was quickly beginning to look like the usual mad Sunday rush had arrived!!!!!

We arrived at the circus just in time for the starting act, there was a good mixture of acts some were brilliant and quite terrifying to watch like the five stunt bikers in the cage all at one time whilst the cage split in two!! 

The acrobatic act was an interesting one The lady was brilliant, flexible and daring. It all turned a little provocative when the tank of water was revealed to which she splashed around, whipped her head back and forth, in what I suppose I can reluctantly describe as a bikini (not too sure though). My favourite act was the flame throwers real sense of danger there.....

Our two worst acts was the jugglers (is that still a talent) which got worse and worse as they went on it finished with them throwing what looked like paper plates back and forth to each other. 

There was also a frozen act in which Olaf stood at the side of the ring while a poorly dressed Elsa hula hooped in the centre to 'Let it Go'. I didn't manage to take many photos they were really strict with this and I didn't want a telling off.

Apart from a few disappointing acts Planet Circus was worth a Sunday afternoon trip. I unforunatley didn't have any discount vouchers which most people seemed to have. But the nice lady in boxoffice allowed us the discount without the vouchers which saved us over £18.00. It cost me £17.00 for the two of us, I was more than happy to pay for the 90 minute entertainment.

Overall it was a good alternative to the usual Sunday afternoon homework tantrum!!!


  1. Sounds like a great day in the end!
    Impressed that you managed to get discount without the vouchers, just goes to show some people still have compassion these days!
    Look forward to finding out what else you get up to during the summer holidays!

    1. It was a lovely change from the norm. Discount was a lovely gesture. Glad you enjoyed!!!