Thursday, 23 July 2015

Summer Fun......

Day 4 of Summer Fun!!

Well another day of summer fun. Today’s activities included an early morning hunt for Wally, an afternoon in Lister Park and toasting mini marshmallows.

How much fun are Where's Wally books, brought back some fond memories of fighting to find that one book in the school library, opening the book to the disappointment of Wally been circled on every page... we can all relate to that scenario. Well gone are those days, this morning I was expected to hunt out Wally, Waldo, Woof and the Wizard. These tasks turned into very competitive searches with some sneaky tactics from a sneaky seven year old. Admittedly it was great fun and passed the morning by keeping us in bed until well after 10:30am.

The new Flicker scooter (great fun) I’m like a big kid. Little man loves it and if it includes him getting exercise then it is an all round winner!!!! We had a great afternoon even though the weather wasn’t great we still managed to spend a few hours 'flicking around', As per usual the sun made an appearance once we got back home so I had the wonderful job of keeping the boy company Again!!!! Why? Why? Why? are we finding that our days are getting brighter around tea time every evening.

Once I was allowed to eventually return indoors, Zak decided it would be a great idea to toast marshmallows (this boy never stops) and seem as though we only had my mini ones I save for hot chocolates he made his way through the bag………

Day 4 of summer fun complete.

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  1. Asslamu alaikum,

    Welcome to the blogging world hun ...ENJOY!!!!

    Awww you have a little boy who's older than mine ma sha Allah ... scooters and wheres wally... tick will keep that in mind for my one in sha Allah