Saturday, 25 July 2015

My First 24hrs of Blogging!!!!

Not sure if I can refer to the first 24 hours as blogging!!!

I followed no method, there was no rhyme or reasoning to the format or process I took...... as per usual I just jumped straight in head first. This is a regular occurrence in my world, I think about something for days, weeks, months and then one day that's it the thought process is abandoned and before I know it it's done, always done with very little regret maybe just the thought that I could have maybe took a much easier approach.

 I have considered starting a blog numerous times over the last year, then pushed the thought to the back of my mind as everything else in life as seemed so much more important.

So Thursday evening I was sat in front of my laptop creeping through the usual most popular social networking sites, boring myself and complaining about the pointless posts I subject myself to on a daily basis and found myself googling blogging sites. Blogger was the first site found so I went with it.

I gave very little thought to choosing the most appropriate blog name and just went with the one I use on my tumblr page, luckily I was able to use it and it slotted straight in. Not sure I could have come up with a better one, my imagination would have probably just stretched to a suitable name with my son's name slotted in somewhere which would have been so much more inappropriate and totally irrelevant.

Been an eager beaver I wanted to post immediately so I started by posting about what I had done that day, it was just lucky that we had actually spent that day doing a few different activities. Where's Wally in the morning, an afternoon in park on the new Flickr scooter and then toasting marshmallows (if we can stretch to calling it marshmallow toasting) in the kitchen.

I then gave it some thought and decided I should maybe ensure all my social media accounts need the name Lady Tan. It wasn't rocket science was it..... quick and simple name changes on Twitter, Instagram and produced a Facebook page instead of using and changing my personal account.

So that was my Thursday evening pretty straight forward..........Friday morning I decided make use of my twitter account and search #blog #bloggers #bloggerswanted #bloggersrequired. To my absolute surprise I discovered a few tweets requesting bloggers to review products, so I responded explained I was a newbie and would love to start my blogging reviews with there products!!!

I'm awaiting health products......make up......a children's book...and a new product for skin problems.. but all will be revealed in the reviews to follow.

I am finding the key to increasing my followers and RT are good relevant #hashtags on both Twitter and Instagram. I have increased my Instagram followers by 5% in 24hrs and received an additional 20 Twitter followers. Not a huge amount I know but 'If You Build It They Will Come'.

There you have it my first 24hrs of blogging, you have probably laughed your way through this post in utter shock at my lack of organisation, planning and research, but if I don't try I will never know.

All comments, feedback and pointers will be taken on board and very much appreciated I promise.

Getting Organised

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